mousse ambiguë

Performative 'expanded cinema' environment for eyes ears skin and brain.

Is perception the continuous embodiment of the world as an ongoing activity or do brain processes imprint the world like pictures in our head?

Inspired by conflicting theories on perception mousse ambiguë reflects on
the blurry border between internal processes and external phenomena. Spatial interactions of air displacement form the starting point to investigate this entangled relationship. As the observer-performer is radically exposed to such processes, spatial and temporal awareness seems to shift and merge.

Spatiotemporal awareness shift
Mousse ambiguë focuses on an spatiotemporal awareness shift by means of a darkened space in which brilliantly powerful afterimages are used to stop time in front of your eyes and thus conflict with your other senses that inform you on the present passing of time as a continuous process in motion.

Pictures in your head
The afterimages, or, 'pictures in your head' morph and sustain but are only visible to the perceiving subject, since the imagery is the result of processes in the eye and brain. Hence this experience is impossible to register faithfully... The physical presence, or phenomenological act of observation in this sense really makes the work.